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What are our best coffee beans?

Our blends are of premium Ho.Re.Ca quality, providing consistent, repeatable and excellent results in terms of taste, appearance and consistency.

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Most beloved for Espresso machines with portafilter

We recommend these top coffee blends to enthusiasts of Italian Espresso prepared with machines with portafilter and high-end grinders::

  • Anniversary for lovers of a full Arabica espresso with strong notes of bitter cocoa and little sourness.
  • Prestige for an exceptionally sweet and balanced Espresso.
  • Crema Bar and Ottantaventi for an espresso of great balance with fruity notes in a final context of bitter cocoa.
  • Top Quality and Mokabar for lovers of an Espresso with lots of cocoa and bitter chocolate aroma.
  • Cremacaffè one of the most popular blends among our guests. We cannot but recommend it. It is a 65% Arabica of exceptional sweetness for its category.

Most beloved for fully automatic Espresso machines

We have a wide selection of coffee blends also suitable for those who like the convenience and simplicity of a fully automatic Espresso machine. A summary of the most interesting coffee beans for this Espresso machines category is as follows:

  • Espresso Rosso for an Espresso with notes of bitter chocolate and interesting crema.
  • 1882 BIO for an Espresso with lively sour and sweet notes and a silky and uniform cream.
  • Special recommended to lovers of a creamy Espresso with lots of body and seductive notes of cocoa and bitter chocolate.

What are our best coffee beans for Cappuccino?

Cappuccino is one of the most appreciated products of the traditional Italian cafeteria and on which the best Italian roasters invest thousands of hours in research, development and testing of coffee blends. All our selections are used to prepare Cappuccinos according to the traditional Italian recipe by hundreds of establishments.

From a theoretical point of view, the best cappuccino blends are those with a higher Arabica content. Here, the sourness of the Espresso fades with the basic nature of the milk and the silky Espresso cream diffuses with the milk emulsion in an elegant game of shapes.

Our most interesting blends for a Cappuccino are:

  • PremiumPrestige and Top Quality for a Cappuccino full of aroma and visually impressive.
  • Extrafino1882 BIO and Bar. The medium body and cream of the Espresso blend marvellously with the milk foam for a cappuccino which is always perfect. The extra fine and silky crema make these two blends among the most desired by latte-artists.
  • Mokabar,  like Extrafino, this coffee selection is able to develop aromas and colours that blend beautifully with the foamed milk for visually striking and extremely tasty Cappuccinos.
  • Espresso Rosso and Cremacaffè. We cannot list among the top blends the three selections for which we experience very high appreciation from our guests.  The velvety and consistent cream of these espressos does not make these blends ideal for latte-art, but to the palate the result is extraordinary. Two full-bodied blends where the bitterness of the robusta blends perfectly with the sweetness of the milk.
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