Rio Rica Extra Bar, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping
Rio Rica Extra Bar, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping

Rio Rica Extra Bar, Coffee Beans 1kg

2 Reviews
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50% Arabica, 50% Robusta · Content: 1 Kg · Roast Date: 06.2023 · Best before: 06.2025


Rio Rica Extra Bar is a blend with an intense, long-lasting flavor and a rich, very nice crema.

Aroma Aroma 3
Roasting Roasting 3
Caffeine Caffeine 3
Bitterness Bitterness 3
Acidity Acidity 2
Sweetness Sweetness 2
Balance Balance 3
Espresso Espresso 4
Cappuccino Cappuccino 5
Caffè Crema Caffè Crema 5
Latte Macchiato Latte Macchiato 5
Brewed coffee Brewed coffee 2
Suitable for
Espresso Machine
Fully automatic coffee machine
Recommended for
Arabica Content [%]

For years the aromas and scents of freshly roasted Rio Rica blends spread through the alleys and squares of the town centre. In the mid-eighties of last century, the Rio Rica built the new roasting plant in the industrial area of Villa Fastiggi (Pesaro).

Curious is the choice of the brand by the founder. The Rio Rica brand is a reference to the areas from which the coffee beans of the first Rio Rica blends arrived: Brazil (represented in the imagination of the time by the city of Rio de Janeiro) and Costa Rica.

The roaster Rio Rica produces its own blends according to the traditional method of "separate roasting" with "indirect fire", toasting the coffee for each individual origin. The individual selected varieties are subjected to different temperature profiles which progressively reach 200-230°C for about 15 minutes. The method and experience of Rio Rica guarantee the colour uniformity of each coffee bean and the correct formation of refined aromas of the Rio Rica bar quality blends.

Photo Credits: Caffè Rio Rica

2 Reviews

In den 70er Jahren trank ich in den tollsten Bars einen solchen Espresso. Bin froh dass es heute so etwas überhaupt noch gibt neben all diesem modernen und wahnsinnigen „Kaffeetrend“ von heute. Das ist original und originell!
By Andreas K. on 17.10.2020

Ich liebe den Cappccino mit diesem Caffee
By Maria E. on 29.03.2019
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