ABC Caffè Anniversary, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping
ABC Caffè Anniversary, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping

ABC Caffè Anniversary, Coffee Beans 1kg

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100% Arabica · Content: 1 Kg · Roast Date: 04.2024 · Best before: 04.2026

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An irresistible attraction

ABC Caffè Anniversary is synonymous with class. The charm of pure Arabicas from Central America comes together in one of the most vibrant areas of Italy, the herth of Romagna, just west of Rimini. An Espresso Anniversary is harmonious, sour-free with an intense and persistent aroma. The cream is a thin uniform and compact silky veil of a wonderfully pleasant colour which fades from delicate hazelnut to gold. One of our favourites.

A matter of taste and pleasure

Anniversary celebrates the decades of ABC roaster experience, dating back to 1950. And ABC does it with a straightforward and uncompromising interpretation. Anniverary is really an extraordinary coffee selection and exceptionally tasty Espresso.

Mastering a dark roasted 100% arabica is not alway easy. We like thinking at the fun of the enthusiasts have in tuning their equipment and extracting a first class Espresso. Anniverary is certainly one of the most complex and difficult blend in our portfolio. The grind must be perfect, and tolerance is minimal. No mistake is allowed to get a great Espresso. And often, in a variable weather condition, daily adjustments of the grinder are required.

What are you waiting for? Test yourself and turn on the boilers: 93°C water temperature at the filter holder, 9bar of extraction pressure, 7.5 grams of ground coffee, 3.5 seconds of pre-infusion, 25ml in the cup in 26 seconds of run. This is the recipe for making a great Espresso.

Aroma Aroma 6
Roasting Roasting 5
Caffeine Caffeine 1
Bitterness Bitterness 2
Acidity Acidity 3
Sweetness Sweetness 5
Balance Balance 5
Espresso: Espresso 6
Cappuccino Cappuccino 6
Caffè Crema Caffè Crema 5
Latte Macchiato Latte Macchiato 5
Brewed coffee Brewed coffee 4
Suitable for
Espresso Machine
Recommended for
Arabica Content [%]
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