Tre Ceri Special, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping
Tre Ceri Special, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping

Tre Ceri Special, Coffee Beans 1kg

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40% Arabica, 60% Robusta · Content: 1 Kg · Roast Date: 08.2023 · Best before: 08.2025

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A Special Espresso

Tre Ceri Special is the coffee blend for all those who wish to enjoy the taste and aroma of a good Espresso at home or at the coffee shop. It is a sweet Espresso with a medium caffeine content, characterized by a round and consistent taste, typical of the best selections of Arabica coffee from Central America and the best African and Indian Robusta.
The result in the cup is that of an Espresso with a great aroma and with the right balance of sourness and bitterness.

... and a charming obsession

Tre Ceri Special manages to become a pleasant fixed and recurring thought in the minds of the enthusiasts of the Italian Espresso. You fall in love with this blend already when you open the package and you are hit by an explosion of intense aromas. The feeling becomes stronger during the extraction of the Espresso: a powerful outpouring of full-bodied and chocolatey cream leaves the spout of the filter holder and fills the cup by laying down layer by layer. Finally, when a great aroma blends with the hints of toast, hazelnuts and cocoa, we realize, alas too late, that the feeling has become a pleasant obsession. Difficult to resist a second Espresso and, however, not to look forward to a new and fleeting rendezvous with this charming suitor of our senses.

Aroma Aroma 4
Roasting Roasting 3
Caffeine Caffeine 3
Bitterness Bitterness 3
Acidity Acidity 2
Sweetness Sweetness 3
Balance Balance 3
Espresso Espresso 4
Cappuccino Cappuccino 5
Caffè Crema Caffè Crema 4
Latte Macchiato Latte Macchiato 5
Brewed coffee Brewed coffee 3
Suitable for
Espresso Machine
Fully automatic coffee machine
Recommended for
Arabica Content [%]
less than 50%

The first espresso was roasted in a small basement with a 15 kg/cycle roasting machine. The blends are a success and immediately win many customers in the Umbria-Marche region. Today, the new production plant is located in Padule, 7 km away from Gubbio.

Tre Ceri roaster selects the best qualities of raw coffee by tasting small samples of every single lot before buying it. The green coffee matures inside the warehouse, a cool and dry place, for variable periods up to 24 months. During this time, green coffee dries, loses weight and acquires roundness and sweetness. The best single origin coffees are roasted separately and at low heat for about 20 minutes through a skillful roasting process in which the artisan tradition blends with cutting-edge technologies. Subsequently, the experience and knowledge gained from each individual coffee quality come together to create superior bar-quality blends.

7 Reviews

Wir haben diesen Kaffee probiert und mussten ihn unbedingt kaufen. Er ist auch auf unserer ECM Classica sehr lecker und macht eine gigantische Crema! Mit Unterschiedlicher Temperatur kommt er demnach auch immer anders raus. Toll! Für uns ist er der beste Kaffee eindeutig!
By Caroline&Franz on 30.08.2020

Alles einfach und gut wie immer danke
By Danke! on 22.07.2020

Ein guter Kaffee, aber nicht ganz meins
By Gabriel on 02.04.2020

Sehr guter Geschmack, schöne Crema
By Janine on 23.02.2020

Sehr guter Service, sehr gerne wieder
By Markus on 04.01.2020

Super da säurearm
By E. Schneider on 13.11.2019

Wahnsinnig schöne dicke Crema, das gefällt uns allen
By Sandra F. on 24.09.2019
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