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Italy, amore mio

Full-bodied, sun-kissed and a little extravagant: that's how Italy melts on the tongue. When we are with grandma Gina in Pesaro on the Adriatic, we explore the wonderful flavours of this country. Here the coffee just smells and tastes more intense, the olive oil tickles every taste, not to mention the dessert ...

Full aroma takes time. And experience

We want to bring these living pleasures to Germany. Our favourites can be found here in the shop. With attention to details and in traditional craftsmanship, raw materials are processed in small Italian workshops which we purchase our products. Some of them are certified organic, all are of selected quality. We have convinced ourselves of this on the ground.

Whether coffee, olive oil or sweets, every product has passed a strict "test" and was tasted by a group of Munich gourmets. Only what they found to be exceptionally good has made it to the shop.

Seductive aroma world

Whether espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, or simply filter coffee - here you will surely discover something for yourself. The variety of aroma notes of coffee such as black chocolate, dark chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts, fruits, etc. - they actually exist and they can be tasted out. Still, everyone must find and like the aroma notes of their coffee themselves. Our coffee description is a straightforward guide to make your own discovery easier.

For home, business and the restaurant

We are all looking for: the favourite coffee from the Italian holiday, high-quality olive oil for friends and guests, interesting articles for our own business. That's exactly what we have the right offers for. Look, maybe this is exactly your shop! Please feel free to contact us directly, we will find the appropriate articles together.

We are real coffee fans. If you are, we will fit perfectly together

Coffee is bursting with flavours: around 800 are in a single bean, twice as many as in wine. Whether dark chocolate, nuts, mint, fruits or flowers - discover your favourite flavour! Our description of coffee will help you and give some hints.

Currently we offer excellent Italian roasted coffee of the brands ABC Caffè, Cafè Rico's, Foschi, Rio Rica, Saccaria und Tre Ceri: ideal for espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato. The coffee is available in whole beans, ground and in capsules, suitable for all Nespresso® * coffee capsule machines.

Olive oil. The green gold of Italy

Our cold pressed Zenobi extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality, with fruity aroma and a wonderful fragrance after spring and cherries. The olives originate exclusively from the Marche region and are processed in pure varieties.

Only a few hours after the harvest they come into the cold pressing. The olives are traditionally ground with millstone and mechanically cold pressed. The result is an olive oil that tastes particularly mild and fruity.

Just try it out. Directly on site in Munich

Visit us in the Großmarkthalle of Munich. Here you can directly taste our coffees, oils and sweets and learn everything about origin, taste, ingredients or what you also want to know about our products. Make an appointment. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Gourmets wanted

We started with a small, fine selection of Italian products, which one does not get in Germany or only with difficulty. But we are constantly expanding our product range. If you want to support us, always welcome! We examine every idea for new, extraordinary Italian products. If a product you have recommended is in our assortment, you can expect a small culinary thank you.

We look forward to your visit online https://www.mokaffee.de or at the Großmarkt München!

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* Nespresso® is the trademark of a third party and has no connection with Mokaffee.

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