Saccaria Extrafino, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping
Saccaria Extrafino, Coffee Beans 1kg | The best coffee beans online shopping

Saccaria Extrafino, Coffee Beans 1kg

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70% Arabica, 30% Robusta · Content: 1 Kg · Roast Date: 04.2022 · Best before: 04.2025


Espresso is a short note of pleasure. Preparing it is an art!

Extrafino is the blend designed by the coffee roaster Saccaria for the best baristas who do not accept compromises in terms of Espresso and Cappuccino. At home, it is a selection recommended for enthusiasts and expert connoisseurs of Espresso techniques. A good coffee grinder and espresso coffee machine capable of delivering water at a pressure of about 9 bar and a temperature of 92-93°C are fundamental to achieve important results and to be able to fully appreciate the potential of this extraordinary blend.

Velvety and intense. A true Italian Espresso

It is an extraordinary Espresso blend of the best selection of Arabica and Robusta in a 70/30 ratio. Extrafino is the Saccaria interpretation of the true Italian Espresso.
In the Espresso cup, a well-prepared Extrafino comes with an extra fine and silky cream of a pleasant hazel colour. In the mouth, the body is medium, the taste is intense and persistent, the aroma is extraordinary.

Aroma Aroma 5
Roasting Roasting 3
Caffeine Caffeine 2
Bitterness Bitterness 2
Acidity Acidity 4
Sweetness Sweetness 4
Balance Balance 5
Espresso Espresso 6
Cappuccino Cappuccino 5
Caffè Crema Caffè Crema 5
Latte Macchiato Latte Macchiato 5
Brewed coffee Brewed coffee 5
Suitable for
Espresso Machine
Fully automatic coffee machine
Recommended for
Arabica Content [%]

In 1962 the production plant moved to Marina di Montemarciano (Marche) a few steps from the sea. Here, the mild iodine breezes of the Adriatic Sea accompany and blend with the scents and aromas of freshly roasted Saccaria coffee beans.

Saccaria selects the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta that grow between the two tropics and constantly follows the production chain from the coffee bean harvested on the plant to the cup of coffee at the bar or at home. The Saccaria roasting process is the result of tradition, constant research and use of innovative and efficient technologies. Nothing is left to chance: the coffee blends are expertly designed so that they can be made raw and then roasted. In this way Saccaria succeeds in exalting the perfect amalgamation of the aromas.

3 Reviews

vom Absenden der Bestellung bis zur Versandbestätigung nur 12min. Tag später ist die Lieferung da. Da passt alles, super Shop!
By Kunde on 18.02.2019

Die Lieferiung erfolgte äußerst schnell.Bislang nur den Saccaria Extrafino in der Mühle.Wenn man den richtigen Mahlgrad gefunden hat (sehr fein), dann hat man einen tollen Bar-Espresso.Werde ich mir wieder holen.
By Kunde on 24.08.2018

Vielen Dank, der Einkauf lief sehr gut ab, die Beratung warfirst class und der Versand turboschnell. Kundenfreundlichkeit und Service Note 1, das Produkt haben wir verschenkt, der Kaffee hat wunderbar geschmeckt.
By Kunde on 18.08.2018
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