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Mokaffee is part of Citadella GmbH, a company based at the Munich wholesale market. Since 2011, we have been supplying companies, offices, restaurants and cafés with high-quality articles. Another great feature of our company is that we supply schools and kindergartens with fruit, vegetables and milk products as part of the EU school program - 100 percent free for the schools! A unique and wonderful program for small children who love them very much! But that's another topic. Back to the irresistibly fragrant coffee, our great program for "big children". With Mokaffee Online Shop we bring the tradition, authenticity, taste and thus a holiday feeling typical of Central Italy directly to your home.

The world of coffee is known to be diverse. The Espresso of every single coffee roaster has one or more properties that distinguish it from all others. We believe this is ultimately due to the roaster's personal character.

An imaginary coffee expedition from north to south shows the enormous variety of the Italian coffee tradition, from the fruity-sour coffee from the area around Trieste to the intensely full-bodied Neapolitan Espresso. In our coffee shop you will find the golden mean - coffee blends from central Italy. Here, the different traditions are brought together in a harmonious combination of intensity, body, taste and aroma. With their balanced properties, our Espresso blends meet the preferences of a large number of coffee lovers.

To marry the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta in an irresistible Italian Espresso, the personality, the experience and creativity of the coffee roaster is needed. Her/his effort, passion and her/his knowledge, which is often passed on for many generations, make a decisive contribution to the quality and taste of her/his beans. We have been working closely and in partnership with our roasters for years. This is also why we can pass on high quality products to our customers at fair and sustainable prices.

We only work with a few small roasters. All come from Central Italy and have a great tradition, some of which are known worldwide. At the moment you can find coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee capsules from the following traditional roasters: ABC Caffè, Cafè Rico'sCaffè Rio Rica, Caffè Saccaria and Caffè Tre Ceri.

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Finest selection for your favourite espresso beans and coffee capsules - now at the best price

For many, an Espresso, a Mocha coffee, a Cappuccino or a Latte Macchiato are no longer just a morning habit. Coffee is a ritual, a pleasure and a moment of rest. It is also the best way to end a meal.

Ordering coffee online - the right one - whether coffee beans, capsules or ground, has become essential. Thanks to the Internet, the choice has increased immensely today. In Germany alone there are hundreds of online coffee shops and thousands of different espresso blends to choose from. It is not an easy task to find the best coffee for you that suits your personal taste and preferences. It is a wonderful journey without end. You have to try your way through the variety. And not even definitely; Your own taste changes over time as well as the types of coffee on the market.

Our experience and our trusting cooperation with small but fine roasters in central Italy will help you through your journey.

In our coffee shop you will find a handful of roasters with great tradition and experience as well as a dozen blends of Arabica and Robusta, which already make most of our customers happy. With us you will find coffee blends of Espresso beans from 20 percent to 100 percent arabica; lighter to dark roast, chocolate to super crema. Also organic coffee beans, ground coffee for Mocha and American coffee and coffee Capsules. By the way, have you tasted our extra virgin olive oil? If not, then you've missed something. All our new customers receive a free sample while stocks last.

Test our Espresso blends - our coffee studio in Munich waits for you!

Every day we prepare several dozen espressos for our visitors in our coffee studio on the Munich wholesale market and show you the way to your favourite coffee blend. The people of Munich take the opportunity to clarify their questions, receive objective instructions and try the coffee blends directly in our coffee studio. If you can't come by yourself, you can reach us by phone and email. We are happy to help you with any questions!

Delicacies for true lovers of the "Dolce Vita"

With us you will not only find coffee. In the area of delicatessen, we offer you further premium products from the centre of Italy. Here you get premium products that have also been developed for demanding gastronomic customers. In the delicatessen area of our shop you will find a professional basis for the famous Cioccolata Calda. Our real Italian hot chocolate / drinking chocolate is exactly as it should be: creamy and full-bodied chocolate, like at the bar in Italy and easy to prepare. The very fine recipe of the drinking chocolate from Antico Eremo provides an energy boost and gives a special note of "Dolce Vita" on winter days.

In our shop you will also find the finest Italian extra virgin olive oil. Our extra virgin olive oil is traditionally ground with stone just a few hours after harvesting and extracted only mechanically cold. The traditional Zenobi oil mill in Pesaro (Marche) generally uses 100 percent Italian olives from exclusively regional harvest. You can try it: you will be amazed by the great taste and fragrance of Zenobi extra virgin olive oil. Our olive oil is a fine accompaniment to salad, on vegetables, with asparagus is excellent or on pasta dishes. Discover an olive oil with an thrilling lightness and a fruity note that smells so wonderfully of spring and cherry blossoms.

Different pack sizes are available in our online shop: 3 liters, 1 liter, 750 ml, 500 ml and 250 ml. The quality and valuable organoleptic properties have been confirmed by a variety of awards and certificates of merit that the Zenobi oil mill has received over the years. Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

Professional barista accessories for home

To get the best out of your Espresso machines and coffee grinders, you don't just need the finest coffee blend. You also need professional accessories and regular maintenance of all your barista equipment.

Sometimes every detail is important to further perfect Espresso results. Professional baristas therefore make no compromises when it comes to accessories. We offer barista accessories such as tamper from DVG, IMS filters and showers - an important tool for achieving good and constant results when preparing espresso - exclusively from top manufacturers such as DVG or IMS. These brands have also proven themselves in numerous barista competitions and actually make the difference.

In our online shop you will also find professional care products made in Italy for quick and effective cleaning of Espresso machines and coffee grinders. Pulycaff® products are used by thousands of specialists every day and guarantee simple and flawless cleaning and a long service life for your valuable equipment. We also use these cleaning products and can confirm that cleaning is easy and thorough.

Your coffee machine shines perfectly, not only externally, but also internally.

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We personally test and describe all our products! Roasting and best before date are always indicated in all our fine Italian coffee selections.

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Only the best coffee from the heart of Italy! We exclusively offer coffee and espresso beans from a selection of the finest small and traditional roasters of central Italy.

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