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Online Shop for QuickMill Vetrano 2B LED 0995
Online Shop for QuickMill Vetrano 2B LED 0995
Online Shop for QuickMill Vetrano 2B LED 0995

QuickMill Vetrano 2B LED 0995

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Made in Italy · Manufacturer Part Number: 0995PN-O-LED-XX · Weight: 26 Kg


The Espresso machine QuickMill Vetrano 2B LED 0995

The Vetrano 2B LED 0995 is the high-end model among Quick Mill's E61 semi-professional espresso machines. You can operate it at home or in a business environment.
It is produced with the most reliable and attractive materials and components available on the market: silent rotary pump, independent dual boilers, precise PID temperature controller, traditional E61 group, sturdy stainless steel housing, elegant double manometer.
The entire housing is made of mirror-like polished stainless steel mounted on a steel frame. This plays a significant role in the machine’s weight (26kg not including the water in the reservoir and boilers) and stability. The robustness of the appliance represents an appreciated feature by any barista who will perceive a comforting experience every time she would lock the porta-filter into the E61 group.
Everything about this machine is intentionally designed with longevity and durability in mind.

The outstanding characteristics of the new model

You will purchase from us the recent model of the Vetrano 2B LED 0995. Compared wit the previous one, this extensive revision is not the desired outcome of a cost reduction project. Maintaining the robustness and quality products of the initial design, it includes novel distinctive features and a polished, modern and more elegant style.

Improved control algorithm

The controller algorithm has been improved remarkably. With this renewed model, you will not miss the last shot when the water reservoir low level alarm becomes active: the new control software makes use of the water still stored in the boiler.

Stand-by ECO mode

Spare energy and enable the Stand-by mode. The new Vetrano 2B LED 0995 features an economy state which switches off the electrical resistance of the boiler after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Low water level alarm sounder

Never investigate again why the machine does not deliver coffee. A sounder is directly activated in case the low water level alarm of the local reservoir is triggered.

Modern style

Discover the new elegant double scale gauge and the nice modern LED’s of the PID controller.

Full featured, superior performance and easy to use

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B LED 0995 features 2 isolated and independent boilers: a 0.75 litres brew boiler and a 1.4 litres steam boiler. With the independent dual boilers, you can make Espressos and froth milk at the same time or, if you merely want Espressos, simply push the switch on the front and power the steam boiler off to save energy bills.
The vapour and brew temperatures are adjustable from the front panel controls. The PID ensures a stable control of the selected brew temperature and thanks also to the traditional E61 brew group, guarantees constant and top Espresso shots like at coffee shop.
Thanks to the commercial grade rotary pump equipped in your Vetrano 2B LED 0995, you can easily prepare up to 40 Espresso per hour and barely perceive the machine making a sound. The cup warming tray, passively heated, located on top of the machine offers the possibility to make Espressos on pre-warmed cups and serve them always at the proper temperature.
The large 1.4 litres steam boiler enables you to froth milk exactly how you like. If the heat of the steam is insufficient, you can directly increase the temperature of that boiler!
The local controls are straightforward and easy to use. You will be able to sufficiently master most of the specific functions just by looking at the machine. Make Espressos and prepare Cappuccinos just like a pro has never been therefore easy!

Dual Manometers

The elegant blue dual manometer on the front of the Vetrano 2B LED 0995 provides a clean live reading of the extraction pressure and of steam boiler pressure.

Dual Boiler

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B LED 0995 is equipped with two independent and thermally insulated boilers and offer better temperature stability compared to non-insulated single boiler espresso machines. The primary brew boiler has a 0.75 litre capacity, the secondary steam boiler has a 1.3 litre capacity. Both are heating up rapidly and built with top quality connecting components.

Dual Water inlet

With the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B LED 0995, you can use the 3-litres reservoir or switch to a direct water line connection for an infinite supply. The plumbing kit is thoughtfully included.

PID Controller

The PID controller maintains the temperature at point set by you with a remarkably high level of accuracy and stability, turning the heating elements on and off. The new LED display on the front of the machine show brew (T1) and steam (T2) boilers temperatures. The adjacent buttons provide the practical possibility of adjusting them.

Rotary Pump

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B LED 0995 features a commercial grade rotary pump. The rotary pump gains several benefits over a vibration pump, including being a lot quieter and having a longer lifetime. Thanks to the specific pressure profile during extraction, it also tends to deliver better tasting and better looking Espressos.

Who is it for?

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B LED 0995 is a high end machine and properly designed to make up to forty espresso cups per hour. If you're an Espresso enthusiast who loves top quality espresso, full control and traditional design this is the device for you.
It is admirably suited for the domestic user and an excellent, durable machine which can be used in a business environment.
We heartily recommend it for demanding Espresso lovers, exclusive offices and small cafes, kiosks.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B LED 0995 is essentially a traditional E61 brew group Espresso Machine. The maintenance needed to keep it in good order and flawlessly working for decades is minimal.
For a reliable, easy and long lasting use of the machine it is essential the usage of soft water (Total Dissolved Solids between 80ppm and 150ppm). We typically recommend remineralized reverse osmosis water.
The basic maintenance tasks are:

  • regularly empty the drip tray
  • carefully clean the steam wand
  • Periodically (every day in a business environment, every 50 shots in a household) back-flush using the gentle cleanser from PulyCaff


Your Vetrano 2B espresso machine is guaranteed for two years starting from the invoice date. During this time, if the product stops working, please, contact us to rightfully claim a warranty issue.
The following faults or defects are not covered by warranty:

  • Problems related to poor water quality and scaling.
  • Damages or defects which are result of accident, misuse, faulty installation.

We recommend that you keep the original shipping packaging for safe transport in case repair services are needed.

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