Pulycaff Plus® NFS powder - 900g Online Shop
Pulycaff Plus® NFS powder - 900g Online Shop

Pulycaff Plus® NFS powder - 900g

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Manufacturer ASACHIMICI s.n.c.
Content 900g
Made in Italy


Pulycaff Plus® NFS powder - 900g

Pulycaff Plus® is the ideal cleaning powder for the maintenance of all espresso machines and for the washing of all accessories.

With each Espresso extraction, residues of the coffee residues are released and deposited on the internal surfaces of the brewing circuit of your espresso machine: fat residues, carbon deposits and incrustations. If you leave them accumulating for days, these substances turn rancid, alter the taste of the drink and prevent the correct extraction and proper functioning of the equipment because they obstruct the holes of the brewing group and of the drain solenoid valve.
A clear sign that your machine needs urgently a cleaning of the brewing group, including filters and filter holders, is the presence of solid residues inside the espresso cup forming a trail of black powder.

Pulycaff Plus® is the most advanced espresso machine cleaner in the market. PulyCaff Plus® is the solution to ensure the goodness of every extraction and a long healthy life of the espresso machine: it removes greasy residues, descales, eliminates old coffee deposits and neutralizes any odor from the brew group, from filters and filter holders, from the drain solenoid valve and all water passages.
Its cleaning effectiveness is quick: the cleaning power of Pulycaff Plus® begins already after the first 10-15 seconds of contact with hot water: the detergent expands under pressure cleans all contact surfaces and releases its full cleaning power in a few minutes leaving behind not residues or aftertaste.

Pulycaff is developed by Asachimici aleady in 1961 and is continuously improved. It was the first specific product for cleaning the espresso machines, patented and deposited on the five continents. Respectful to the health of the operator and the environment, it is based on substances that are totally and easily soluble in water and in compliance with current regulations concerning the cleaning of equipment in contact with food and certified by the NSF International.

Instructions for Use

Cleaning the brewing group with a blind filter:

  1. pour a teaspoon (3-5 g) - of PulyCaff Plus® into the blind filter and hook the group
  2. start dispensing and stop it after 10 seconds; repeat 5 times
  3. release the group and dispense water repeatedly
  4. to rinse repeat step 2. without PulyCaff Plus® powder.

Cleaning of filters and filter holders:

  1. pour 3 teaspoons (10 g) of PulyCaff Plus® in a liter of very hot water
  2. soak the filters and filter holders in the solution for 15 minutes
  3. rinse with plenty of running water.
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