Modica Dark Chocolate and Coconut - 100g Online Shop
Modica Dark Chocolate and Coconut - 100g Online Shop

Modica Dark Chocolate and Coconut - 100g

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Cocoa 60% · Content: 100 g · Best before: 12.2023


Dark Chocolate with Coconut by Antica Dolceria Rizza - Modica IGP

Ingredients: Cocoa (min 60%), Sugar, Coconut 8%

May contain traces of hazelnut, almond, pistachio


Each 100g of product contains:

Energy 499 kcal/2090 kJ
Fatt 31,0 g

   of which


20,7 g
Carbohydrate 47,7 g
   of which sugars 42,6 g
Protein 6,4 g
Salt 0 g

Made in Italy


Antica Dolceria Rizza's chocolate is still prepared according to the ancient recipes and traditional method of the master chocolate makers of Modica. The cocoa mass, obtained directly from the roasted beans, is cold-processed together with sugar without the addition of lecithin or other ingredients. The result is a chocolate characterised by a typical granularity and a unique, intense and persistent cocoa flavour in the mouth.

With Modica chocolate you are buying a high quality and natural product. It is made from natural raw materials - no semi-finished products - and without additives. The sugar crystals are added to the cocoa mass and stirred cold - not melted. The sugar crystals retain their shape and you can feel this on your tongue. You will be amazed, but this is what allows you to taste the cocoa flavours. Another special feature of Modica's production is that no lecithin is added to the chocolate.

Products without additives require more manual work. Lecithin is also a binder, and chocolate without it, for example, has to be stirred for a long time to achieve the right viscosity. Antica Dolceria Rizza, as per traditional IGP recepy, deliberately does not use lecithin, which is why the chocolate is not glossy. It is rather matt, with a whitish sheen that can appear or disappear with temperature changes. This is the cocoa butter that is visibly deposited on the surface as a white layer. This is natural and totally safe. This is how Modica chocolate is made. The next step is to taste the flavours. The best way to do this is to let it melt in your mouth. Modica chocolate is also free of added fats, lactose and gluten.
A pure product with few ingredients, no lecithin, no added fats, lactose and gluten free. Enjoy your chocolate without chewing. By smacking and sucking the chocolate pieces, you will discover completely new flavours.

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