Enjoy the "Saccaria 1882 Organic Bio" espresso and cappuccino. We are on Saturday 24 June in Kissing near Augsburg

Join us in Kissing on Saturday 24 June and discover the "Saccaria 1882 Orgainc Bio" espresso and cappuccino. This is your opportunity to taste the best of coffee without spending a penny.
Get ready for the unique taste experience of the "Saccaria 1882 Organic Bio" espresso and cappuccino, carefully and lovingly prepared by our experienced baristas.

Where are we?

Bahnhofsallee 10
86438 Kissing


24 June 2023 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

And that's not all! During the event you can also learn fascinating facts about the world of coffee. You will discover the secrets of the best blends, learn to recognize the perfect aroma and become real coffee experts. A must-attend opportunity for true coffee lovers!
Coffee is always a good idea. And the Saccaria 1882 Organic Bio an even better one! Do not miss it!

Buon Espresso Italiano!

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