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Shop online the finest Extra virgin Olive Oil ☆☆☆ 100% from Italy ☆☆☆
Shop online the finest Extra virgin Olive Oil ☆☆☆ 100% from Italy ☆☆☆
Shop online the finest Extra virgin Olive Oil ☆☆☆ 100% from Italy ☆☆☆
Shop online the finest Extra virgin Olive Oil ☆☆☆ 100% from Italy ☆☆☆

Zenobi Olive oil Extra Virgine, Tin 3L

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Origin: 100% from Italy · Acidity: 0,2% · Peroxide: 5,1 mEq O2/kg · Harvest: 11.2021 · Best before: 04.2023


100% authentic Italian!

The extra virgin olive oil of Zenobi is a true gem in the landscape of olive oil brands. Much appreciated by connoisseurs and restaurateurs of the town of Pesaro, it is also gaining considerable appreciation in Germany.

It is a light fruity (“Fruttato Leggero”) extra virgin olive oil obtained from the traditional stone milling and cold pressing of three varieties of olives grown and harvested in the Marche region: Leccino, Frantoio and Ascolana Tenera.
The prevailing delicacy of the “Leccino” olive variety is accompanied by the more intense and spicy notes of the “Frantoio” and “Ascolana Dura” varieties. Thanks also to the early harvest in October and Early November, the result is an oil with a light, slightly bitter and slightly spicy taste with an interesting fragrance reminiscent of spring and cherry blossoms.

It is a delicate oil that accompanies without covering the flavours of dishes. It is particularly suitable for enhancing the fresh notes of a salad, for dressing fish-based dishes (row and cooked), for the preparation of delicate sauces, mayonnaise and desserts.
The 250ml, 1l and 3l tins with anti-topping cap guarantee the optimal conservation of this italian extra virgin olive oil which can easily be maintained and consumed beyond the expiration date indicated on the package.


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The purity of the tradition

The Zenobi oil mill is a historical presence in the city of Pesaro (Marche) where the farmers of the area meet every year waiting for their olives to become that precious gold liquid to be jealously brought and kept at home. The luckiest ones whose season has given more than necessary, leave the olives in excess to the Zenobi oil mill. Hence the oil we offer you.

Have you ever wondered why Zenobi Extra Virgin olive oil is so good?

The extra virgin olive oil of Zenobi comes from a successful combination of sea and countryside traditions. For a few weeks each year, the oil mill becomes a place where the bucolic scents of the freshly picked olives mix and blend with the salty notes of the Adriatic Sea.
They are aromatic fragrances which remain in the product and are released every time you open the bottle and pour some good oil on your salads!

Is this Extra Virgin Olive Oil truly 100% Italian?

Yes. The Zenobi oil mill is part of those small local excellences proud spokesmen for the products of the territory. Each year, Zenobi oil mill receives awards from local associations for the organoleptic qualities of its extra virgin olive oil.
Furthermore, as a guarantee for us and our customers, every year we personally inspect the oil mill and every year we receive analyses of the chemical parameters of the oil. The acidity and peroxide values are always on excellent values. These numbers, that you too can read, tell us that the olives may not have been harvested very far from the mill.
This olive oil Extra Vergine is a local product, availability is always limited to the seasonal product. Once the stock is finished it is necessary to wait for the olives of the next harvest.

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