The Zenobi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Autumn 2020 Harvest is available!

Thanks to the extremely favourable weather conditions last year, the olives were naturally healthy from blossom to harvest, and the sustainable production was generous. A welcome relief for olive growers in the peaceful Marche region during the very difficult 2020.

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The traditional processing of the olives in the Zenobi oil mill began in the second half of October 2020 and was completed before 15 November. At the time of cold pressing, the olives were intentionally in their initial state of ripeness. This is typically a key parameter to achieve a higher polyphenol content and the best possible organoleptic quality.
The superior quality of the fruits and the short time between the harvest and the cold pressing process are reflected in the excellent chemical analysis values of the extra virgin olive oil as follows:

Free fatt acids: 0.15 %
Peroxides: 6.9 meqO2 / kg

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The analysis certificate is available on request. Nevertheless, no certificate or datasheet can capture the aromatic sensations of this excellent extra virgin olive oil. We would, therefore, dearly like to invite you to taste the product in our premises at the Munich wholesale market or to purchase a small bottle. It will enrich your delicious salads with a distinct, delicate southern taste.

Photo Credits: F. Zenobi; Patrícia Paixao from Pexels

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